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My husband had a near fainting episode yesterday while we were in a resturant , he never completely fainted, never lost conscinouses , however, he was not responsive for about 5 to 10 mins. He said he was able to hear, but was not able to talk, was in no pain, he was not dizzy, but felt lifeless like if he was in a twilight zone.
The emegency doctor said all his test came back normal; he had MRI, ECG, blood work, blood pressure...He suggested a neurologist.

p.s. 3 years ago he had a lung removed due to cancer however, he has been doing good.

anyone have any advice for where to go from here.
thank you.


Hi Carrie,

I think the neurologist is a good idea. It is possible he had a Transient Ischemic Attack, TIA, or a "mini-stroke." It could also be some form of seizure.

Please keep us posted and good luck.