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hello im 17 yrs old and i have been sexualy active. I smoke also, and i was wondering wats wrong my left testicle. It feels like there is a hard ball wrapping around it and going up into my groin it hurts alot and when something hits it the pain is pretty bad but when i got to urinate there is no burning sensation no blood in my sperm or anything.....i need someones help and answer please


You describe the sensation that there is a hard, swollen ball around the testicle, and it hurts with touch.

Without an examination, it's hard to say, but it's possible that it's an imflamed testicle..swollen, infected. But it might also be a hydroseal, surrounding the testes.

I would urge you to go to a medical clinic ASAP and get this checked out.

The fact that you indicate you are sexually active brings up the question if you are using birth control and condoms. If the answer is not yes to both questions, you're running a risk.

Don't have sex again until you get checked out.

And let us know what is found. Good luck!