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I am 24 years old. Coming to my problem directly.

I got up in the morning and in 15-20 minutes i found that i have some pain in my testicles, i was not able to sit without thinking about it when i had a news paper in my hand. Then i found i have weakness, so i went to bath room and in a few minutes i had some vomit( Not much), then for 30-40 minutes i tried to sleep. Then i felt better still pain was there in my testicles(LEFT).

Later in the day i found that the left testicle was getting a little hard and in the evening it has swollen double the size of my right testicle. At times i feel like itiching.

Please suggest me what is the likely disease...


Exact same thing happened to me 2 weeks ago but on my right testicle. The swelling is still there. The Urologist have asked me to do a MRI. So far from my tests nothings conclusive. I want to avoid surgery if possible. Did you find out what caused your symptoms? And did you resolve it?