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Okay, so earlier this month, I had sex with my girlfriend, and she is on the pill, and has been on the pill for 6 months now, and it's always worked, well this last month we had sex about 5 hours before her period started. (Yes I know she can still get pregnant on her period) So it was a full normal period, same day that it always starts on, and i was still a little paranoid about her being pregnant, so about 10 days later I asked if she would take a pregnancy test, and she did, one at night and one right when she woke up in the morning, they both said negative, is there still a possibility that she is pregnant? Or should I just stop worrying.

P.S. I have asked her if she has felt any symptoms or anything, and she said everything is normal, no discharge or anything, no bloating or cramping or anything. She has had a loss of an appetite, but that is because I'm going into the service soon and we are splitting up, but should I be worried about getting a phone call saying I'm going to be a daddy? We havent had sex since then.


Futureseal, at this point, there is a very low probability that she is pregnant. If it's ten days later then she's almost completely in the clear. YOu can ask her to take one last test if you want to be completely sure about a week from now but there isn't much a chance. If she's still on birth control, there's almost no chance that she's pregnant anyway since you mentioned she's still on it. Does that make sense? Let us know how the pregnancy test comes out if she decides to do a followup one.