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Ok. I am like really confused. I have never in the past 4 yrs had sex with anybody else but my current bf. and i know that he stepped out with 1 girl. and after he did that we tested positive for chlymidia. so we both got treated. then he stepped out with the same girlagain. and when time came for us to get a recheck. his test results came back negative and mine came back positive. that really confuses me. cause we have been having unprotected sex. and i just really want to know how mine can come back positive and his negative? some one please help me.


I don’t know how this occurred. If any of you didn’t get treated during the first treatment the other one could have got it again. Maybe one of the tests was false positive or negative. You should certainly get tested again and see what the repeated tests show.

Or maybe you didn’t get treated while he has but him being treated wouldn’t protect him from getting the disease again.

I suppose that these things just happen sometimes without any apparent reason. Make sure you do get treated until you are clear from the disease because Chlamydia can cause some nasty complications to a girl including infertility that may not be reversible.