A few years ago i had an ultrasound scan on my right breast due to finding a lump - luckily it was only gristle. However i was informed my breast had abnormalities and if i experienced any further problems in the future to see my GP.

I have seen my GP and he has referred me to the breast specialist but all he said was "you do understand you have symptoms of breast cancer dont you?". He didnt tell me anything else that it might be but as you can probably understand i am worrying myself sick as my appointment isnt for another 2 weeks and im only 24.

I have a constant pain in my right breast only but it is not tender to touch, my breast has grown slightly, become more lumpy (both my breasts have always been lumpy), my nipple dents inwards in the middle and my nipple has gone a dark purple colour. Please if anyone has any idea what this may be please tell me.