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Well since yesterday my right pinky knuckle has been swollen and very sensitive. I have been knitting for a week. And I have knitted for years, and this is the first time this has happened to me. I think the knuckle is broken or sprained. My parents think that is from the knitting. But I have never had this happen before. And it has been since yesterday, and it feels better when I don't use it that much. And when I have it straight it hurts more. And it hurts when I use it. What should I do? 


Sorry to hear about your knuckle. I would definitely suggest icing it down to help get down the swelling and inflammation. It will also help a lot with the pain. If you are worried it might be broken, you should probably go in for an xray. But if not, then start icing it down. I've included some information about something called 'De-Quervains' which affects a tendon along the side of the thumb.

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