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My right sole itches so bad every once in a blue , whenit itch it also burn and it wakes me out of my sleep can someone please tell me why this is happening



My husband had this problem when he was in this thirties.  He had problems with fungal infections on the bottom of his feet that caused drying and cracking.  Some of the crack were quite deep and he had itching and burning as well.  You may have something akin athletes foot.  There are a number of over the counter medications you can buy that work really well.   Once such product is Lamisil.  The active ingredient is terbinafine and I think one of the best antifungal creams.  The active ingredient kills the fungus by inhibiting an enzyme that it needs to grow.   You apply it once a day for a week.  It is reported to cure 97 percent of all cases.  They also have Lamisil Once.  This is applied once and it forms a film over the area you apply it to.  This one costs more but it works faster.