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here is what you need to know about Somersizing diet plan.

Simple to follow! Of course, as with all diet plans, you need to consult your doctor before this diet. According to this plan, the idea is that some foods should and should not be eaten together! So, If you eat carb, don't eat protein or fat. If you eat fruit, don't include vegetables with it.

There is no calorie counting. You just eat until you are no longer hungry. It is a great plan, right?

So, how to combine groceries? Do you have any experience with this Somersizing diet plan?

Please, let me know!


Hello guys,

There are two levels of Somersizing. First one is the entry level, and the second one is the advanced level.

It is very easy to understand. Basically, first level is easy, but another is pretty hard, because plan is to lose a lot of pounds. We know that we need to eliminate junk food on the first level. That is most important, because it will impede your weight loss. So, cut out sugar (white, brown), alcohol, even some fruits!

Then, you need to learn how to separate the foods. You can find that online. You need to eat proteins with fats, and don't mix in carbohydrates.

What do you think about this?



Hi there,

I must say – I don't agree with you! And here is why! I just disagree with keeping pro/fats separate from carbs. No way to keep them separate, according to nutritionists! They always say that we need to eat a combination of protein, fiber, carb and fat! Together.

I believe that this eating plan is helpful to people who struggle with their weight. I struggle with my pounds, as well.

But, I don't think that somersizing is so healthy. Regular healthy diet with exercise is the best for us. Exercise and food should be number one in your life.

That is my opinion.

Take care.