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Hi. Does anyone here have this problem? Anytime I eat oatmeal for my breakfast, I get hungry in less than 2 hours after the meal. I eat my oatmeal with low fat milk or yogurt, or with almond milk instead. Sometimes I add protein powder, about 40g. If I eat regular meal, I'm not hungry until 12-1 PM. But the problem is my weight. I need to lose 12lbs and I can't eat high calorie foods often. Anyway I've read the suggestion that I could try adding eggs to my oatmeal and making an omelet. I'm not sure how oatmeal would taste like with eggs or other salty foods. Do you have any suggestions?


see one large omelette contains 6g protin in it better you shold have some juicy thing with omelette that help you to keep upto your second meal schedual