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My name is Glenda.I'm having some stomach problems.My stomach feels tight like its bloated,bubbly and sharp pains ever once in awhile that shoots through my belly.Reminds me of contractions but I'm 62 and not pg.I have pain in vagina and belly mostly in lower.Fever and chills,


Hi Glenda,

You say you're having some "stomach" problems, but there's no way to really be sure your "tight stomach" problem is caused by your stomach. It could be, and you could be suffering from something like gastritis, but it can also be an intestinal problem, or ovarian cysts. The pain in your vagina makes it seem especially unlikely that your symptoms are caused by a problem that originates in the stomach. You also have a fever, which suggests infection.

The only thing anyone can tell you that makes any sense is to see a doctor right away, even go to the ER.