My throat feels dry and I feel like vomitting quite often.Lets say I run around for abit,my throat will feel dry and I will feel nauseous/like vomitting.Drinking water doesn't help.It's like I get out of breath extremely fast and my throat becomes dry.

It all started after I had quite a bad gastric problem late december/early january till about the end of January.well there was no pain but the doctor said it was early symptoms of gastric(?).During the said gastric,I have the same symptoms as i have now,i get out of breath fast,and if there's anything in my stomach,i'll feel like vomitting.

after the gastric problem ended,or so to speak,the vomitting problem throat gets dry fast.i get out of breath fast.before i had the gastric problem i could jog for like 20 mins non stop..on top of that,i can last a whole taekwondo session of two hours with ease,and now im like a 6 year old kid. i need some clarification on what my problem is.besides that my maximum food capacity that i can take has also reduced .sometimes i feel that my stomach has unnecessary air in it.maybe my gastric problem is still around? -thanks