Hey, ive never done this before so bare with me if this ends up on the wrong page or i seem dumb haha, but i wanted to share my experience lately with whatevers wrong with me and see if anyone can relate or offer any advice. So im from LA, i live in hollywood and a few months back a wildfire broke out in California where I live, and I woke up in the morning with what felt like sore lungs & throat, I decided itd be a good idea to spend a few weeks visiting friends out of town 2 hours away, so i could avoid smoke and anything else to harm me more and maybe feel a bit better, fast forward to now and i literally feel the exact same, i dont have a severe cough, it has gotten so painful i do cough but its a dry cough, after i cough for a few minutes it can start to produce mucus but nothing ever comes up, i just feel it in the back of my throat. But mainly theres no cough cuz i dont feel the need to do it, but its still so painful, everytime i breathe, the very bottom of throat feels like its all cut up and sore, i cant pinpoint the pain whether its my lungs or throat, it doesnt hurt to eat, talk or use my throat. But when i breathe it produces pain, it hurts to breathe more at certain points of the day. Sometimes its better than others sometimes its more tender and worse, ive seen two specialists, one in lungs and one in throat, went to the ER one night cuz it got so scary. And nobody has answers, Ive tried a steroid called prednisone that a doctor prescribed me, antibiotics, tylenol, advil, nasal cleansing, inhalers, almost everything. The docs said my lung capacity is normal, my oxygen levels are normal, the ear nose and throat doctor i went to told me my throat looked irritated and messed up, and gave me some anti acid meds, but its not an acid burning feeling, its only when i breathe and it feels so tender and damaged. It just confuses me. I figured if it was my throat, itd hurt to swallow or talk, but literally its only breathing, i feel like i ruined my airway that connects my throat and lungs. Its very depressing and has ruined the last 3 months of my life, its so on and off, some days i feel like its getting better, than it randomly comes back full force and starts all over again. The air quaity in LA hasnt been too bad lately and my apartment is safe and theres no fires, i just dont understand why it wont improve, I missed Christmas with my family in NY because of this issue. I wanna fly back to NY really bad but im too scared to get on a plane with this because i still worry that the problem could be in my lungs and i know the low oxygen and dry air on planes can make it severely worse. I dont wanna be in pain for 4 hours on the flight or struggle to breathe and have scary complications in the air. Does anyone have experience with this?? (I hope so but I doubt it, its such an unlucky situations haha) and if anyone does have any experience, what should I do? I just wanna feel better and see my family, its been 3 months of not being able to travel home and feeling this way. Currently im trying a humidifier in my room and air purifier and not running the AC, hopefully this helps, its like my last hope.