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hey! i've been feeling aweful for the past three days and its progressively getting worse. there's sharp head pain behind my ears and around my crown and neck, my stomach feels knotted and stuffed, i have no appetite, feel nauseous, a really dry throat, and after i eat or drink i get really las bloating for the rest of the day. i am vegan, and have no prominent food allergies - although i have been having lots of nuts lately just for the calories as i'm having trouble eating. i think this is more serious that a flu because i haven't had my period in nine months... and no i'm not pregnant and have lost too much weight


Have you tried to see if it's Acid Reflux? that can make you feel awful, and it makes you bloated and in pain mainly at the top and it can make your throat try if a lot of acid is reaching your throat, when it does that it turns into heart burn, try some Gaviscon or the cheap version of it, that works almost instantly, might take a min or 2 but it works really fast and all you need it a table spoon, you might wanna take it with a bit of milk because of how thick and chalky it is but it tastes good.