I noticed the right side of my upper lip started going dark about a month ago. I was worried and i applied honey to it cause i heard it would help. shortly after, the dark patch started getting bigger and before i knew it the left side got dark aswell. The middle is still the normal color of my lip, it's just the 2 ends that are dark. i also noticed that my lips get really dry, so dry that it hurts sometimes. it gets slightly itchy sometimes too. i had just started drinking green tea at the time so i thought that was what it was. i stopped it and started drinking a lot of water and started applying vaseline to it. it got better a little but didn't completely go away. all of a sudden it started getting darker and dryer again.Meanwhile all of this is just on my upper lip. i don't know what to do. it makes me uncomfortable and it looks weird. I've applied honey,EOS medicated lip balm, lemon juice, cucumber slices. Nothing works. i don't know what could be wrong.Please help