Hi ,

Have been having this itchy , red swollen and rashes in my vaginal for over a year now causing serious pain during and after sex, at first I thought it was the usual vaginal infection so I took so many different types of infection drugs , when there was no changes I decided to see a doctor, she also prescribed some drugs which I took, but still no changes , someone told me to stop using soap to wash my vaginal , which I did, and for some  days the itching stopped , but later came back, ever since this issue started, have been having pain in my vaginal immediately after sex (swollen) and also when he released inside me the sperm comes out back immediately (everything), there was a time I noticed a traces of blood following the sperm although it happened once, this issue is affecting my sex life with my fiancé , the itching is gone but usually comes back a day before my ovulation period till almost two days before my period,  now the problem is that we are about getting married and we've been having unprotected sex for over a year now, still I'm not pregnant and I'm scared. 

Ps: I'm from Nigeria and have never been pregnant or had any abortion.