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Hello, my name is tori and I am twelve years old and I weigh 250 lbs. I am extremely overweight and I want it to stop. I am tired of having no friends and not being able to fit the cute clothes other girls my age can wear. I have tried numerous diet plans, but I ultimately failed at them. When I was on the plan I lost a bunch of weight, but then gained it back when I went off it. If I don't lose weight fast, I have a high risk of getting type 2 diabetes. Is there any helpful tips about losing weight? Thanks  

Loading... sorry that you are feeling like this.i wanted to say that you can do what needs to be done by three things IF YOU ARE SERIOUS:

1.start eating ONLY the healthy foods your parents prepare...and at school,grandmas etcetc.

2.drink water only.


    ps:if you cant walk around your block with someone RUN IN PLACE IN YOUR ROOM until you get a walking buddy.those three things ARE said you have tried numerous diet plans... why not try something that wont cost a thing?only your committment and motivation.GOOD LUCK-DALPHY



Congratulations Tori on reaching out for help with your obesity. The traditional answers to obesity are usually in the area of self-control, exercise, and eating healthy foods. I'd like you to consider some other ideas from this old guy's experience. The first is taking charge of your eating and investigating food allergies. I'm not talking about breaking into hives or diarrhea, just food(s) that make you suddenly thirsty or take away your energy to do anything but take a nap after you eat them. The second thing is boredom. You need to find something you love to do. Take care.


Hi I'm really sorry about your weight but i assure you that if you follow what i teel you you will lose weight in just 1 month.

1) always drink water no matter what
2) cut you eating levels in half so eat less and healthier
3) try to jog or walk to a long time everyday
4)when at home do little workouts like sit ups or planks to help your stomach
5)don't eat before you go to bed because you won't burn it

So follow all these and you will lose weight. I wish you the best.



You need to do one important thing that is strictly avoid junk food eat only home made food. Drink lots of water and do some exercise and starching...

have a safe health... :D