Hi there - I have had issues with my nails for well over 10 years. Seen multiple dermatologists and been tested for fungi multiple times, all come back negative. My nails and toenails have thickened and hardened/become brittle and lifted. I also have tons of ridges and my finger tips peel frequently. It is very painful, and whenever I barely knock something with my fingernails or toenails I want to cry because the pain is so excruciating. None of the dermatologists have been able to help me and it is so frustrating. It is ugly and painful. I also have celiac disease (autoimmune disorder) but have been stictly gluten free for several years now. Any idea what this might be? The dermatologist mentioned it could be nail psoriasis. I wish I could find a way to ease the pain and heal the nails, at this point I only have very few "normal" healthy nails. It continually gets worst. Any advice would be appreciated!