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I am very concerned about my 14 month old daughter's toenails. At a couple of months old, her big toenail began to curve out and now seems to be seperating from the nail bedding. The other nails are very tough and seem to be curving outward. i have been to two doctors and cannot find out what is wronge. Can you please give me some ideas on what to look into?

Thank you, Myshele


Hi! I suffer from psoriatic arthritis and I am having occasional problems with my nails.
My big toenail just curves downside and begins to separate from the skin. It happens on other toenails as well sometimes.
Psoriatic arthritis is of course connected with skin psoriasis and I suppose you nay suggest that to the doctors. You can have it checked by x-rays, blood tests and joint fluid tests because this disorder affects joints as well, making them painful and swollen. Did you notice any other symptoms on you child? There could be some scaly spots on the elbows or knees and scalp.

The cause is not known but it could be hereditary though.
I hope this is not the case with your child. Maybe you haven’t been cutting the nails the right way, so they ended up in growing or something.
Have you seen a podiatrist?