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Hi there and thanks for reading my (rather long) story...

Im a 21 year male and have been suffering from nausea  for about 2 years now. What I really wanted was to see if anyone had the following syptoms and if anything helped. I know that a lot of its anxiety related but my main issue is that even when im relaxed I still feel sick with a full stomach. Im not a highly strung person nor do most things such as exams stress me but I do now seem to have an irrational fear of being sick ...

In a nut shell, I often feel sick when I have a full stomach (eating or drinking a lot) although its a fairly low level nausea when im relaxed and at home i.e. when I know that if i need to be sick there isnt a problem getting to the toilet etc. The problem is that stress and anxiety make it 100 times worse to the point where my stomach is trying to empty itself. Its a bit of a catch 22 because feeling sick makes me feel anxious and anxiety causes the sickness to get worse. I also get acid reflux, not everyday but every so often.

Eating out in restaurants makes my nausea bad because as soon as the low level nausea starts (when I eat) it panics me and I start 'planning my escape route'. The main problem however is on busy trains, lecture rooms and the underground where I feel trapped and so I dont eat at least 2 hours before doing one of these activities because guaranteed I will feel like im going to vomit and have a panic attack as a result.

First thing to solve the problem was I increased the amount of exercise I did and lowered my intake of caffeine & alcohol. I also gave up smoking which I truely regret ever starting because I know how bad it is for stomachs.

When that didnt 'cure' the problem completely I went to the councillor to do a bit of cbt as well as listening to relaxation podcasts etc which helped control the worry of feeling sick and for a few months the problem was manageable but never went away so I went to the doctor...

Because of my acid reflux I was prescribed omeprozle then esomeprazole for about 6 months. I was also prescribed domperidone (10mg) which when the nausea is really bad or under prolonged periods of stress (causing constant nausea) I have to take up to 6 times a day although 1 or 2 tablets a day is normal. I also have propranalol to control the anxiety which helps a lot but I dont like taking it that often. The only thing that really works is 20mg of domperidone and 10mg of propranalol and even then it doesnt completely make the problem go away, it just ensures it doesnt interfere with my daily life.

Had an ultrasound and a gastroscopy the other day which both came back as clear so the doctors not really sure whats wrong with me.

Any comments would be great because I hate having to take all the meds because all im doing is 'fire fighting', not working to solve the problem. I know a lot of its stress related but there is still a physical problem there when my stomach feels full or irritated (by alcohol etc).



im the same m8! iv only recently got this weird nausea feeling! im going on hol next month which i paid for last year and im stressing out thinking about it! that mite be making me worse! iv lost alot of weight recently and isnt helping because i want to eat but my stomach wont let me :( u got any tips?i feeling light headed and my stomach has always made weird noises!


Hi Joey


Thanks for your reply. Here is my advice:


1, Firstly, eat little, often and healthy food as well as drink lots of water – you must not let this make you ill as a result.


2, You must go to a doctor because any problem that causes weight loss or interferes with daily life needs addressing asap. If its psychological they can help get you in touch with counselling which was what helped the most for me. I wasnt keen at first at going because I thought counselling was only for depressed people but its really not. If its physical they might prescribe domperidone (see later in comment) for sickness and propranolol for anxiety to help short term.


3, go to and download their stress and relaxation pod casts - they are truly great. Listen to them every night and they will relax you better than any medication – promise!


4, natural remedies such as vitamin b can be good for mild stress as well as valerian root and st johns wort to some extent. Taking these should be discussed with a doctor because they can interfere with other drugs and aren’t a long term remedy.


5, for sickness domperidone 10mg is a lifesaver and can be bought over the counter (in the UK anyway). They give this stuff to chemo patients to stop them feeling so ill but again this is only a short term remedy unless prescribed long term by your doctor


6, Do some exercise. It will not only distract you for a period of time but exercise is besides relaxation techniques for anxiety one of the best ways to feel more relaxed and will put you in a more positive mode.


7, cut ALL sources of caffeine out of your diet - this is very important, caffeine is the worst enemy of people who are susceptible to stress. Alcohol and nicotine as well - they will only make things worse.


8, Finally, I’m not keen on taking meds to fire fight problems but propranolol really helps keep things in check short term although there are risks and side effects associated with this drug which need to be discussed with a doctor.


In short. You must go to the doctor and they will chat through your options because weight loss is serious problem and needs to be sorted out. Just as a warning - you must discuss taking any form of drugs or supplements with you doctor before doing so because what worked and was ok for me might not be suitable for you due to side effects etc.


Hope this helps