Back in June went to gp dr. for headaches. He said your overweight, and have h bp. Gave me medicine for it.

A week later still having headaches, so he sends me to have a full cardio workup, stress, ekg, carotid arteries, the works.

sends me to have MRI's one on the brain one on the neck. Neck shows no normal degeneration for someone my age 40.

Then dr. tells me hey we think you have a acoustic neuroma, a type of brain tumor, go back for another mri, with dye, this time it came back clear, still not sure about that one.

3 weeks later in the er for kidney stones, my own fault as I changed my diet, and started drinking a lot of water, so i think I brought it on that way.

next day noticed pain in right shoulder and some muscle weakness, have had it ever since.

do not have insurance, not working, trying to get some suggestions.

went to accupuncture, no help, went to chiro no help. if I have a pinched nerve, who would be the dr to tell me?

have the film from the mri's just trying to get some relief.

any ideas would be deeply appreciated.