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children at six months of age normally have the ability to hold their neck. I am talking about a child who's parents are concerned with their child health. This child can not hold his neck while trying to sit with supports. child looks healthy one can not think about seriousness of this problem. As in a test parents found the baby have very high quantity of alkaline phosphates (normal range 220 - 400) but this baby have about 2500 units in his blood. this is a serious problem.

This child and parents need help, if anyone have any information kindly share it with us. We will be thankful.


I want to add here that the increased values of alkaline phosphates shows either liver malfunction or bones dilution. This child liver chemicals test have shown that liver is not producing increase alkaline phosphates, this means it is coming from bones. For a six months child this is a serious problem.

Anyone please help.