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Lately my husband has picked up the habbit of drinking during the day and at night. It's not everyday, and I would not say that he is an alcolholic. The problem is that he gets a very bad attitute when he drinks. He will start an arguement out of anything. I really dont drink that much at all myself, unless I am at a club or party. It is starting to get really hard to deal with his attitude. What do you do when your spouse starts doing something like this? Am I suppose to just deal wwith his attitude? HELP!!!!!!


Hi :-) This problem with your husband is obviously bothering you, have you talked to him about it, not when he is drinking, when he is sober, maybe take him out for lunch at a cafe where no alchol is available and express your concerns.

No you shouldnt have to put up with feeling uncomfortable in a relationship!!!! If you dont have the opportunity to talk to him, as he might not be willing to listen, maybe express your worries in a letter and give to him. Alcohol is an aggressive depressive drug. I know how you feel, l was married to a drinker (and sometime l could not tell he was drunk) the beauty of vodka , leaving no smell, he was aggressive, and physically abusive, denied having a drinking problem, it was like banging my head up against a brick wall!!! We are no longer married. I wish you luck with your husband, and remember you have the right to express your opinion, and not just live with things that make you uncomfortalbe.