This is crazy that so many people are actually describing the feelings I have daily. I am also one who believe it has to do with sinus. But not so sure, wish  there was an awnser here cause non of my doctor seem to understand either.

It feels like I'm floating and I'm two feet over the ground. But I can never just touch down and get my rest. Always fatigue, dizzy. Oxygen not getting to my brain much.

ive had this for two years. And as of one year ago I noticed my symptoms might be all linked to my nose since my sinuses got very dry. I had all symptoms of Empty nose syndrome. Which is when the turbinates  are missing due to surgery or have nerve damage from something such as allergies or infections.

wondering if anyone else feels like if their sinuses are very dry and their oxygen is not getting filtered right. 

The dizzy may also come from a eaustansian tube dysfunction that goes from the sinus to the ears. 

Hope we all get better from this.