I recently married a wonderful, exceptional man.  One of the many things I admire about him is his commitment to his immediate and extended family.  Unfortunately, his adult son simply will not accept me, nor acknowledge his father's happiness with me.  His father remarried many years ago and, while his son maintained a strained relationship with his biological Mother, he apparently felt closer to his Stepmother. My husband, and his father, has suggested when his Stepmother passed away after a long, lingering illness, this son simply never expected his father to have another life, let alone another woman in his life.  All of my husband's immediate and extended family have been amazingly accepting of me and welcomed me warmly.  This son barely speaks or addresses me and is obviously uncomfortable around me, even at family events.  My husband has explained he has attempted to address this repeatedly with this son but to little avail and he feels there is nothing else he can do.  I do not know what to do, nor how to deal with this as it is very hurtful.  I've not attempted to push myself on his son as it is clear he wants nothing to do with me and I feel any attempt to broach a friendship would not only be unwanted, but make him even more uncomfortable around me.  But I know that it hurts his father, which makes me sad and it is hurting our ability to move past this obstacle and on with our newly married lives.  The saddest part is that this son is expecting his first child, my husband's 1st grandchild.  This should be a wonderful, exciting occasion for everyone in the family but, instead, I feel like an outsider watching from afar.  I know I am a happy, good-hearted person -- and I am not used to this type of animosity from someone who doesn't even know me.  I am blessed with many wonderful friends and I love my husband with all of my heart, but I know this situation is creating a strain for everyone in the family.  No matter how I try to accept this as something I can do nothing about this is having an impact our our fragile new marriage, which breaks my heart.