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hi i'm 25 years old and i have a 3 years old son from a different man , i am in a year marriage with my husband, we were always fighting about my son visiting his father and me dropping him at his father's house. i thooughy i was doing the write thing for my son to know his own father, my husband has a 5 year old girl outside the marriage he doesnt see the baby because the stay in another province, but he support her financially, he wanted us to have a baby but we were struggling to conceive, im now 4 weeks preg and he left me in the house he got his own place ,, the day i wanted to tel him that im pregnant is the day he left me, i begged him to come back but he doesn't want . i told him that im pregnant he said he doesn't care anymore, im now confused always crying every nite, our family tried to solve this issue but they failed,,, now i thot if  abort this baby and move on but i wanted this baby so much and i cant do it. i asked him to forgive me for all my wrong doings and he said its too late, please help me:(



Idk what "wrongs" your talking about but i'm sorry to hear that you and your husband are apart! congratulations on the pregnancy! You should be excited to be bringing a new baby in this world i'm sure more than anything you would rather him be around to watch his new son or daughter to grow up ,but it sounds as if he doesn't care! It can take a boy to get someone pregnant but it takes a man to be a father! let me tell you my story i am currently 20 years old my son is 6 years old i had my son at 14 got pregnant at 13 being foolish and of course the father hasn't wasn't and still isn't around i finished school i'm in college to be a nurse and i take care of my son by myself of course i had others help until i could get my first job at 15 but it's hard and still is hard ,but the last thing you want to do is to abort your baby because of the man who doesn't wanna be with you anymore ,you will live with regret if you happen to go through with that! But also if you don't and you think you can not handle another baby by yourself and can't finacally do it then adoption may be the best answer but that baby your carrying does deserve a chance to live and experience life it may be hard but it would be a thousand times harder to abort and if adoption is the answer for you than you could make a couple very happy ones who can't have children ones who are missing that one thing ! It makes me upset to hear when people actually consider abortion.