I'm 15 and have been suffering with vomiting and nausea and abdominal pain now for about 3 months, when all this started I went to the doctors and they said its gastritis and gave me buscopan and everything started to ease of until a couple of days after I started getting the pain worse. I also got put on an ecg just a quick scan and they said things were fine, I then got a letter saying I had to have a 24 hour one and the results came back that my heart was having double beats and racing quite quickly at time so they want to test me for thyroid and see a heart consultant however, after them telling me that in the space of 3 days my pain came back and I tried to be sick as I felt sick and it felt like something was stuck at the back of my throat I relaxed and went to sleep a couple of days later I didn't know what to do I was confused as to why this pain and neausea wouldn't go away so I rang 111 for some advice and they told me to go I asap. I went in and my stomach was very tender in the lower abdomen more the right they admitting me and said to have a scan in the morning they come to see me and said I will be having a scan the next day so I waited, I had the scan and nothing showed neither in my urine or blood tests, so they simply sent me home and now I'm home the first day of being home I'm up early in the morning with abdominal pain and nausea sometimes vomiting. I'm really confused its making me really depressed as I'm missing lots of school and cant socialise. I'm worried that something serious will happen if this isn't sorted.


if anyone knows why this is happening or have the same symptoms please let me know

thanks. Rosie