i really do want a baby and when things like this happens it really confuses me.
i usually have very regular periods every 28 days apart from last month i was 7 days late! but had a normal 6-7 period!
this month i am 4 days(if i go by the first day of my last period) usually i have sore breasts and cramping a week or a few days before i m due. but i am feeling nothing! not even pregnancy symptoms although i am discharging alot some times clear sometimes white and thick but no smell!
i really do want to kno what is ging on! sometimes after trying every month i think to myself am i infertile. i have not been on any hormone contraception for over 2 years now so thinks really should be back to normal!!
does anyone have ideas or clues as what may be hppening!!
really confused and upset and its causing me to stress and i know stress can also make my perod late.! i have had a relativly good month!!