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Hi I'm just wondering if you can help me, my last full period finneshed on the 17th of February I havnt had a proper one since I have took pregnancy tests because I'm not currently using any contraception, but 4 days ago 21st April  I started very light bleeding which only lasted for two days. I havnt took a pregnancy test in just under a month I've not had any feeling of being pregnant as I have already had one child so know the feelings and sensations, but I have had a sharp pain in my upper stomach ? 


Hmm... if you've gone over 2 months without a proper period then it's definitely not right, i have PCOS so i know how it feels, i went from regular to irregular to zero periods, i've had quite a few weird pinching, pokey feelings around my stomach too especially at the bottom of my stomach and around my ovary areas, not having no period can definitely cause just these weird pains, nobody will tell us why it happens... my theory is it's the ovarys trying to ovulate but it doesn't quite do it so it causes weird phantom pains or it causes slight spasms because your body is probs freaking out it's not had it's period since it knows it's supposed to, i've had a couple times now where my ovarys, my brain and body just starts flipping out making me feel kinda like i'm on my period for a few days to up to 2 weeks then BOOM it's gone... I think the body goes  through this fight where it tries and tries to put us on a period, to make us ovulate pumping the body with the hormones it does but when it figures it can't quite do it, it gives up for a short while, that's what it always feels like and it sometimes sends me utterly bonkers. After a year of having no period i got one like last week, maybe he week before and it was the lightest period i've ever had. You might wanna get tested for PCOS or any hormone imbalances.