I had gonnorea about 8 years ago and ever since I haven't gotten pregnant. I had about 8 months before I found out I had it. 

I have pcos irregular periods since I first got my period at 12. I'm 34 now. For quite a while I use to get my period every other month as I got older every 3 months and now I was getting it every 6 months. So after many years about 6 years of not taking birth control because I was trying to get pregnant my doctor put me on birth control so I can get my period every month.

I did some infertility testing and the doctor said my ovaries and uteres are in good condition and that I do ovulate. I'm just scared because I don't know if the gonnerea could of done something or is it because of the pcos. The doctor also said if I want to try getting pregnant again that they can give me a treatment to see if it helps. I would like to know what you guys think can it be the gonnarea or the pcos? Thanks in advance for the responses.