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i didn't get my periods for the past one year.i am feeding my baby till now.he is 14 months old.
when will i get back my periods? can i continue feeding inspite of not getting periods ,for another six months.
this month i had white transparent discharge.what does that mean?

and for the past one month i am feeding the baby only during nights 2-3 times.
please help me out.

Thank you


Hi! I found that many women experience irregular periods while nursing, while others will not menstruate at all until they stop breastfeeding their babies altogether. The frequency of breastfeeding plays a large role as to how soon the menstrual cycle is regulated and once again normal. Women who nurse their babies exclusively may not have a period for as long as a year or more after their pregnancies and will soon discover that the menstrual cycle and breastfeeding seem to be directly related to one another.