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Okay... here goes... I haven't smoked in a while, and I would say ... in my life I have probably smoked the equivalent of about 10 blunts but not more than really sharing one/two blunts in the span of a night or so. I of course cough a lot when I smoke ... it isn't very pleasant really... the person I smoke with is much more experienced and she doesnt' cough as much. Sometimes she just gives me shotguns from her mouth and that makes coughing a little easier.

ANyway, the point is I really don't get that high. I inhale deeply, etc., but the most I have ever felt is a feeling of Lightheadedness and also this sense that the room was trying to spin but it could honestly felt as if the room was literally....(pardon the pun) stoned.

But honestly I don't think it was worth it.. having to do all the coughing etc., almost vomitting from the coughing... it really wasn't that great of a euphoria but i guess marijuana isn't supposed to give you that..

ANyway, this other girl tells me that what I'm smoking is likely not good enough. She has what she terms "KB" ... I guess i'll try smoking that and see if I like it any better... but I mean i just don't know why i don't like it that much...when everyone else seems to ... not a bad feeling but not a great one either.

For example, the girl I smoke with sometimes says sex is better when she's high...but for me... i dunno it didn't seem like it'd matter.


Bouje, sorry but i can't help you to learn how to smoke pot better.
If you feel none of this was worth it for you, then why don't you just not do it at all.
I have a child that is an addict, a bad addict. She started out on pot, which is a gateway drug, now her drug of choice is heroin. She has been in and out of jail and close to death a few times.
Why bother? Can't you find something else to do with your free time?
Your probabbly saying right now, oh ya, i will not go that far, geez, it's only a little pot. That's what she said when she got cought smoking, now look.