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Hello looking for for recent posts about bunion surgery, First surgery beginning of october after 7 weeks in a cast I was told the bone moved, had second surgery.  first surgery 2 screws,  Second surgery 1 month ago now have 5 screws metal plate and pin in hammer toe (since been removed) my hammmer toe has no feeling and is sticking up and very swollen looking like a sausage. I did reply this to a former message. I am very depressed and seems to be getting worse. I understand  things could be worse and I am truly blessed for what I do have but I'm struggling with this recovery that seems never ending. I went from working 60+ hours a week to nothing, Im not even sure when I can start looking for a job since what I do requires standing for long periods of time .   Any advice? Happy New Year to All



Are you wearing a type of boot at this point or is it in a cast yet?  I can't imagine you will be going back to working 60 hours anytime soon, but I don't like the sound of the hammer toe.  Do you keep your foot elevated?  How long before you go back to the doctor again?  Are you taking anything for the pain?  I hope with keeping your foot elevated several times a day will help the swelling in your toe.  Are the incisions clean looking, without drainage of any kind?  I hope your foot starts healing much better for you.