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I'm a 13 year old virgin, and I've never really payed any attention to these strange bumps around my vulva... I've tried to get rid of them by myself, but it doesn't seem to be working. For some reason, I remember having these as a younger child, too.... but I feel abnormal, and pretty much want them gone quickly. They don't look like pimples, just flesh-colored goosebumps! And, well... they rise out from the inside of the skin, apparently.

:$ So uhh... does anybody have any suggestions for treating these goosebumps? Suggest anything natural if you can, but I'm fine with buying some cream or something.. I would go to the doctor, but it's very embarrassing and strange. I don't believe it to be anything serious considering they don't hurt or spread quickly.. and I've never made sexual contact with anybody.

:-( Please help, I'm scared.


You've already answered your question.
You need to make an appointment, get over your embarassment and get your mind put to rest.
chances are it is nothing serious, but you will want to hear this from your doctor after a routine exam.

Go make an appointment.
Good luck.