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I am 14 years old but have been aware of my large labia for quite sometime now. It is not only embarrassing to imagine anyone seeing it (when I am older!!) but it has come with a lot of physical obsticals. Everything from wearing tighter pants or having it pull or rub when I walk (painful) to wearing a bathing suit or even changing a tampon.. It has really consumed a lot of my thoughts lately and I feel like it's ruining my life.

I don't care how normal it is I know that I would feel so much better if it was removed. It's just so uncomfortable. I'd talk to my  mom but I overheard her and her friend talking about this stuff and her friend said that she'd 'never seen so little skin' down there so my mom doesn't have this problem and she wouldn't get it!! I just don't know what to do , it's really making me lose my confidence and I'm so awfully uncomfortable with myself.


I have the same problems as you.. My vag the outer labia is very big. This makes me look ugly whenever i wear pants. Thats right. i look bad in any type of pants: jeans, slacks, shorts, tights. You name it. I look bad in everything, even in my panties and swimsuit because it pokes out! 

However, i'm not thinking of doing anything with it. I discovered that dresses can cover up those things from being seen.. so i guess you can revert to skirts and dresses. Don't be afraid of it- actually alot of people are having problems with their labias being too small! If you are uncomfortable with it then just reconfirm it with your mom- not everyone has the same scenario! Or the world would be too boring. Besides, having large labias aren't hereditary. 

So i say, DO IT! Say it in her face: Mom i want to get it checked! I want to have surgery! Just say it. Have confidence! We will always support you.