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I had unprotected sex with my bf around christmas time, actually we would always have unprotected sex so im not sure of the exact date. & then i had unprotected sex with another guy on new years eve. im 28 weeks pregnant who is the father? My first ultrasound the Dr said I was 7 weeks 1 day, my second ultrasound was taken February 21st & said I was 10 weeks 1 day so my first ultrasound was correct.


Hi Ashley,

Don't go by the ultrasound dates.  Like everything, they are estimates.  Fetuses, just like babies and children, develop at different rates.

Most doctors base dates on when your LMP occurred.  When did your last period start?

Having sex, within about 7 days with two partners, you ARE going to need a DNA test to determine paternity.  The problem is that sperm can survive about 5 days.  Conception does not occur immediately either.

Good luck.