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But, there have been cases of virgins who haven't been penetrated getting pregnant!
For instance: a 16 year old girl found a douche in her bathroom and her mom told her it would clean her out and make her smell fresh and she used it without realizing it had already been used..
well, soon she finds out she's pregnant and her parents are really angry! And they don't believe her when she tells them that she hasn't had sex.. well, when it comes time for her to have the baby, the people at the hospital ask her if she has any idea of how this could happen and if she's had anything in her vagina and she tells them about the douche. they tell the mom and she gets distraught because she had previously used that same douche after having sex with her husband.. so, therefore, her daughter's baby and her first grand child is her husband's baby!
Believe me or not. this was a TRUE story! It was on a medical show my mother watched and she told me and my family about it...
I'm not saying that virgins can all get pregnant easily, but there is a possibility that if sperm does make its way in a vagina it can get the girl/ woman pregnant because there are still openings in the girl/woman's hymen.. so sperm could reach a girl's uterus even if she's a virgin...
Because, how else can a virgin have her period?


I personally never said it was impossiable but it is VERY unlikely. Also, the story you are talking about IS a myth. The word of mouth you are depending on is how myths get started....Sperm cannot live outside a womans body like that....and on a douche?!? Cmon...This is no where in any medical journal that I have ever seen and I am SURE it would be there if it were true as this would be a very interesting case indeed. There would definately be some investigation into this claim....I am not saying some girl didn't claim that it happened but I am pretty confident it hasn't been proven....A virgin CAN get pregnant if a male ejaculates right outside her vagina and she is wet and by someones bad luck it makes it into the vagina and is still strong enough to make the journey...this HAS happened...but the penis literally has to be reasonable close the the vulva and even almost aimed toward it....othewise pregnancy really should be the last of a virgins is much easier to catch a STD off of precum than it is to "catch" a pregnancy.


personaly i think your chatting rubbish but realy how can the sperm that has been in the vagina come out then go in the girls :-D you make me laugh

BTW what program was it