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A new study has found that people who swim in the Atlantic Ocean at beaches and other areas are exposed to a bacteria known as MRSA, or other dangerous staph bacteria.

The study was carried out by researchers from the University of Miami who focused on 1,303 people who swam for 15 minutes at a particular beach in South Florida. While swimming in the ocean, the study participants were supposed to fill up jugs of water that was around them in the ocean.

The samples were then tested for staph bacteria to check and see if the water was infected.

The study found that 37% of the samples of water taken tested positive for staph A bacteria. Some of the samples also tested positive for MRSA.
In total, over one-third of those who swam at an Atlantic Ocean beach in South Florida were exposed to a dangerous staph bacteria.

The researchers say it is still not time for alarm and that swimmers should not get nervous just yet as this was a pilot study that requires additional research to determine how serious the problem in other Atlantic Ocean areas really is.


This is important information for swimmers and divers, and anyone exposed to sea water on a regular basis.