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I just stumbled on this forum after spending the last several months looking on Medical Web sites for answers. Post after post of unexplained and unresolved abdominal pain and bloating! I had no idea so many suffered from symptoms like mine. I know the digestive system can be complicated but truly thought myself alone in my pain and anguish. I've seen several doctors and been hospitalized twice - then released without diagnosis. You name the test and I've had it and still no diagnosis. You name the drug and I've tried it! I haven't been able to work in almost 4 months.
Morning hours are usually some bloating but little pain. But after walking or cleaning for an hour or so the pain and more swelling appear. Pain is always on the right side, mid abdomin and hard like a rock, sometimes in the right upper area by rib cage. It's debilitating. I fill with gas, swelling and much pain. Laying down on right side eases the pain and eventually, by late evening, I pass some gas along with watery stool. I get a bit of relief but if I walk around it starts all over again. I'm virtuallly a shut in being afraid to travel too far from the couch or bathroom.
I can't believe NO ONE has the answer!!!



OK, I am sure you havnt tried what I am about to prescribe to you: Its all herbal, and no chemical.

1st, Go to the middle easter shops and BUY, PEPPERMINT extract, its clear like water, BUT tastes Horrible, you need to take it 3 times a day, as much as 1/3 of a big cup. For about one week. (DO NOT DILUTE IT)

Second, After the Thirds Day, Get some CASTOR OIL. Take 4 full spoonfulls, DO NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE for 8 HOURS. As this will literally fluch your gut.

DO NOT EAT anyhting after this till tomorrow Morning.

In the morning, Get ONE whole Lettuce, One Avocado, and 3 Asparagus whole shoots and put them in a Mixer. Add a little sea salt and and make it homogenised like a Soup. It should give you two BIG full cups , which You will need to take and STILL DO NOT EAT ANYTHING for 2 Hours.

Now, Again take some Castor oil ( ONly two Spoonfulls this time) followed by a cup of warm water sweetened by Honey.

Your Stomach will get Flushed again for about 3-4 hours.

THIS will solve your problem. But, make sure you continue to used the Pepermint extract occasionaly to prevent your condition from returning.










The culprit is likely non-organic food and other foods that do not look like food in its natural state coupled with overeating.The reason you are likely having the bloating is the food is decomposing in your small intestine. You have to poop about 30 feet of bad c**p to clear the small intestine.

Switch completely to non-organic food -- no cheating. 

The next part is NOT for anorexics.

If your stomach hurts between meals skip the next meal. Do not eat until your stomach isn't hurting between meals. If you are starving, eat a small amount.

Do not eat because you feel ____ "will make your stomach feel better." It may for awhile, but then the pain comes right back.

Avoid mixing starches and meat at the same meal, or at least in the same bite. (A hamburger is the classic mistake.) Chew starches thoroughly, as there is an enzyme in the saliva that helps the starches digest in the small intestine.

This process takes about six weeks to cure. Do not go back to old habits, as the symptoms will come right back.

Learn to eat when you are hungry, not when you have an appetite. An appetite is a craving, like for a cigarette, alcohol, and other things. Hunger is the feeling in your stomach. Reduce portion sizes at each meal so you will be mildly hungry by the next time you eat.