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well I have kind of a weird question, now I know that pin worms are verry commen in small children but what are the symptoms and can you find worms in childrens puke????? along with their bowl movement????


Have you experienced that or were you just wondering? My children had worms but I found them only on their wastes.
As far as I know, the worms’ egg may stay in the upper intestine but then they move down the intestine and stay in the rectum and anus.
Vomit comes from either upper intestine or stomach, so it should bring up any worms.

That’s my opinion at least! Have you talked to a doctor? Pinworms are very annoying and so easily spread, my older child also contracted them. The eggs stay on toys and fingers and you never can tell where they are but they live endlessly long (2 weeks) on the outside. Incredible!

Please, let me know how everything turned out and if the doctors had any better explanation! Thanx