For more the better part of two decades, I’ve suffered from a persistent infection in my left ear, which I attributed to surfing in the typically dirty waters of Southern California. The effects and severity of the symptoms would range from mildly annoying to extremely painful, with various degrees of a malodorous discharge. Although now, despite limited surfing and a genuine effort to prevent water from entering the outer ear canal, the infection still exists. After a recent severe inflammation I was prescribed an Otic solution ( Neomycin and Polymyxin, Hydrocortisone drops) which reduced the pain, appeared to minimize the infection and improve the smell of the still persistent discharge/fluid. I began to use the drops as a preventative measure – after surfing or swimming, etc – with noticeable, positive results. But, based on what I’ve learned, prolonged use of this medication is adamantly discouraged. My question is this: Is there a similar medication – prescribed or OTC – which would permit prolonged, preventative use? Thanks