I'm so glad to have found this as well! My youngest of 3 girls is on her second UTI in 4 months. I tell her ALL the time to wipe front to back but with her in full day kindergarden I can't be with her all day right? Because I have girls these children have LITERALLY had like 2 bubble baths in their lives because everyone says not to let your kid sit in the tub. My youngest I actually only bathe every 3 to 4 days because she also has excessive dry skin so its not like she's spending hours bathing. It's really frustrating.

Just as I found this post the doctors office called me to confirm that the sample they sent away was in fact bacterial and NOW after having her at the doctors on Monday for her "pee pee problems" as she calls it that she was having since saturday, NOW we're going to get her on an antibiotic.

Just a mention, I would really suggest not increasing a childs salt intake. Too much salt is almost always a bad thing and can damage the heart over time. There has to be better way to fix this than fill them full of salt. I'll look around and see what I come up with.