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Hi All,

This is something strange but really we have been hurting with this very badly.

My wife (30) is been severely suffering over last 1 year that she feels like something is moving in her stomach –

And which is usedto cause.

1)    Feeling like something is moving in stomach.

2)    Bubble sounds in stomach (can be heard with a close observation) .

3)    Reflex (White sputum).

4)    Burning in stomach.

We have consulted many doctors and undergone many times endoscopy – CT-Scan etc.

Doctors said its Hiatus hernia disorder.

They gave 3 months medical prescription & they did surgery (laparoscopy/Open) and they fixed the disorder. (on 2feb12).

Even after the surgery she is feeling the same sensation and feeling with burning ..,

(There is no reflex after surgery and she feels a little burning as compare to before surgery)

Now she is been doing daily walking for 3 time (each walk of 45Min)

Taking very light food (easily digestive) and following all the home remedies for anti-Acidity.

Like taking excessive milk – having mint and coriander juice and having excessive water avoiding all sour things etc .,(We have been following this with a perception as it might be over acidity in stomach or excessive Gases).

Some of the notifications:

After been started the regular walking from a week ago – she is getting gasses out.

When she took a cup of juice of fresh garlic’s (4Pcs) – She got a very high burning for around 3 Hrs.

When she use hot water for bathing also it gives more burning sensation in stomach.

Please if any of you have any information / suggestions to share on this as to get it out – it would be a great help for us & we will be very much grateful / thankful  for that  help,.,.

Thanking you

Syed . 


This could be an acid reflex in the stomach, causing a burning sensation. Sorry if it doesn't help, hope it does though!


I would have her checked for gallstones. My mother had them and all her symptoms mocked GERD. When she went in for a check they too found a hernia but it was her gallbladder that was the issue. They had to remove it. After that the pain went away. She had been having pains for almost 2 years before she knew what it was. Consult a GI. Hope I helped a little.


Nexium and zantac 150