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My problem:


10 years ago I had clamydia and gonorrea...

I treated with doxiciclin and cipro(my self)

But Never cured 100%...


-Now Im with some litle transparent discharge 

-Litle feeling of burning on urethra  (redness on tip of penis instead pink color)

-Dilated penis dorsal vein

-Spermatocele (1mm) a litle one

-Varicocele at the left testicle (bag of worms at the bottom of the testicle)

-60% less libido

-Cant have erection when stending up...

-Less sensivity on penis (helps on erectil disfuncion)



Some times I take antibiotics and gets better, fluconazole makes me kinda better as well prostate massage...

But I get better for litle time then bad as it was...



My first guess:


I have an inffection hiding inside me and causing inflamation and erectl disfuction as well lack of sensivity in penis


Second Guess: 

All varicocele fault, because when I take cialis, or some drug similar to ecstasy ( i took a couple of times 3 years ago, makes heart pump hard and makes vasoconstriction making all my scrotum and penis veins go back to normal) my libido and  functions goes ok again!


Third guess: ?


What do I have Mr.? 


No guess,

Get yourself treated by a urologist.  It sounds like you may still have an STD - it can cause a discharge.

Regardless, by saying you had chlamydia and gonorrhea and didn't treat it completely means you've been risking infecting all your partners.

NO SEX until you are treated and cured - PERIOD.