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I am 20 years old and eight months pregnant. I was overweight prepregnancy.. 197 pounds. I started putting on weight about 6 months before i got pregnant.. 30 pounds all together. Throughout my pregnancy, I've gained another 30 pounds. Right now, that puts me at 227. I haven't gained anything in about a month. My post pregnancy goal is anywhere between 140-160 pounds. Is this realistic, or am I fooling myself? I know it will take time and a lot of hard work, but is it even possible for me to get to a healthy weight again?


First of all congrats on the new baby!!!

A persons ideal weight is decided by their height. You could probably search the internet to find out what the ideal is. As long as you are otherwise healthy that ideal should be ok for you. Dont be discouraged tho if you dont reach that ideal. Your body may reach a weight and then just stay there no matter how hard you try to lose weight. Plus you may need to consider that as youre gaining weight your skin is strecthing and may be increasing so that will be a factor also.

I posted a thread earlier but instead of asking you to look for it I will just repost it below.

My suggestion is to search for the keywords Joe Dillon Difference first. He has the who, what, why, where, hows. Joe Dillon is a motivational speaker whose focus is better health through a diet plan that promotes high protein and low carbs SIMILAR to Atkins but not. He also recommends an exersize regimine that anyone can do. I recommend that if you have the opportunity you must take it and go listen to him speak. My employer got him to speak with our employees and another companys employees so that may be a suggestion you could add to your suggestion box at work. It was very beneficial not only to us as individuals but it really did increase overall production for the simple fact that we felt better. Most of the office employed one aspect or another and a few went all the way with his program. We have visited him and heard him speak several times to the satisfaction of our boss.

Then search for Life Extension. Dillon promotes the supplements found at the other website because they are 'pharmaceutical grade' products. Basically that means there are no additives that can be found in the same products bought at a retail store. Because of the quality these products are more expensive. To each their own, I say.

I also tried the program and did as much as I could to follow it and I really did notice the difference in how I felt overall and I lost 28 pounds. However I didnt stick to it for my own reasons. I want to share the information cuz I know when a person finds something that works for them they want others to know about it. I still try to do what I can but my current financial situation cant support it in full force. Personally I wish to do it all the way not just a little here and there. BUT THATS ME.

The purpose for my post is to get people who are constantly seeking or hoping for that miracle pill or plan that will practically melt the pounds off in their sleep and cause no adverse affects to realize that right now it aint out there. Maybe someday, but not now. And in the meantime this is a sensible way to get started. I know how it is to want so badly to lose the weight, try, and get discouraged because the 'new fad' plan didnt work. Its an emotional roller coaster.

Food for thought: Have you noticed that in almost all of the diet fads, pills teas, creams, etc they all say somewhere, possibly in the finest print, that their product will work most effectively with a healthy diet and excersize plan? Mmmk... See where Im goin with this? You know how every now and again in these posts you'll see a few words lit in blue representing a link? I clicked on one and it led me to a site advertising their Wu-Yi tea and how it 'may' help you this or help you that. At the VERY bottom there is the exact above statement. Well if all I need is a healthy diet and excersize program, why do I REALLY need this tea...? (Nothing negative being implied toward this site.)