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OK, I am really into this sugar buster diet, and I want to follow it. Now, I know a lot of things about it, but I think that I don't know one crucial answer - is this diet really a healthy one? I mean, all these groceries are good and healthy, but is that enough?

Are there some side - effects that I should know about?

I know that these low carb diet are healthy, because you really need to know what you eat, and I know that sugar buster diet is low carb diet. Am I wrong? 

What is the main purpose of this diet?

Let me know more.




good question. Yes, sugar buster diet is low carb diet, and the main purpose is to people lose their pounds while they eat only healthy food. It has a lot of healthy levels, but maybe it will not fit to you as you expect. You need to be almost 100 % healthy for this diet plan, because it is hard and strict. This diet also encourages you to eat only good fats. It also includes honey, brown sugar and very limited amounts of sweetener. 

It is true that people might feeling dizzy on this diet program, but as I told you before you need to be healthy for this program. 

I hope that you are, and that you are going to tell us your experience with sugar buster diet.

Good luck



Well, to be honest, I am not so sure about this. I am a little bit skeptical about it. True, this is more of a healthy eating than any weight loss program. But, one big problem is, if weight loss happens, you need to consume more calories then you are burning. And, that is why I am skeptical. Of course, maybe I don't  have a reason.

This diet makes no recommendation for calorie levels. Sometimes, you don't know how many calories you eat per one day. That can be confusing.

Generally, this diet is OK, but if you ask me, I think it has one huge problem :/

Do you agree?