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 Hi guys.

I don’t know a lot about diet programs and weight loss products. I don’t know anybody who has a problem with obesity. Everyone in my family has a nice figure and all of my close friends are super slim. I’ve been skinny myself all through the elementary school. Ever since I started going to high school I slowly began gaining weight.

I now have 20 extra pounds (at least) and they are kind of starting to bother me.:/

I heard about ITG diet the other day. Are you familiar with it?

Can somebody tell me is this weight loss program successful?


Yes, it is. It’s a great program. It is a little expensive though. But besides that, you will enjoy it. You won’t even notice that you’re on a diet. You will be provided with itg products which, in the first step of this plan, will make 90 percent of the food you consume.

The plan consists of three steps: weight loss, transition and success for life. Every step is important and therefore should not be skipped.

In the second step you will be reintroducing some foods(moderate amounts of fruits, fats and carbohydrates)  to your diet plan.

 And in the third and last step of the plan, you will continue eating like you have been taught.



Yeah, I think so too. It is successful. Very similar to Ideal-protein diet if you ask me. It is also based on protein. And I think it is safe.

I would rather lose weight by following it than by using some weight loss supplements.

And may I say their products are not at all as tasteless as people say. You cannot expect a diet product to be super delicious. What’s important is that they are full of proteins and they are healthy for you.

 I read a lot about this diet on the internet, and I must say I didn’t read a single negative review.