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I had an appendectomy 3 months ago...the pain is mostly gone, but sometimes when I try and sit up it still hurts at the belly button where one of the incisions was. It also hurts when I try and go running.. How long is this supposed to last? How am I supposed to exercise if it just hurts every time I do?


I am thinking 3 months is long enough to be completely healed and no pain should be present.  Is it just when you move around that it causes pain in the area of the incisions? Are your incisions clean and healed up? Are yo having pain anywhere else?  Have you experienced any other symptoms like fever?  You may want to call your doctor and report the fact that you are still having pains in the area of your appendectomy.  There could be other problems going on that your doctor may not be aware of and only he can assess you to determine whether there are other issues to be addressed.