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My vagina still hurts 3 months after having my baby . i had a pretty normal but delayed delivery and i tore inside . its not a stinging sensation like i experienced in the first few weeks its like a dull ache . it hurts when ever i cough or tence and when i go to the toilet. im not sure that this is normal . Any advice ??


Hi honey! 1st of all CONGRATULATIONS!!! :-D

In the last 20 years Vaginal Trauma has increased SUBSTANTIALLY! It is from bigger babies - due to knowledge of vitamins etc! This leaves it very hard for the mothers to recover! The main thing a doctor will tell you is to do Kiegle Excercises - constricting the pelvic floor muscles! BUT I found these VERY painful!

Is it painful for you to make love? I would like you to go see your Gynecologist and ask to be sent to a Vaginal/Rectal Physio Therapist! They are AWESOME! They can give you Vaginal Expanders - they are different sizes of Phallus shaped wax inserts! You can make them cold and just start with the smallest one and build your way up! There are also "pressure point" Vibrators - shaped like a bent finger! You can press these on certain areas! BUT you need to know how and where, so this is why these great therapists can help you! IT takes time OK? Good luck and health honey!