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I`m 24 M.Whenever I walk fast or run (even for a short distance like 1/2 mile)I get a pain as if my legs cant take it anymore.I cannot lift my leg for proper walking and I start dragging them. The pain occurs on the side muscles just below my knee.I used to play sports and used to run a lot earlier.I have reduced my exercise cuz of studies (gained some pounds ) and walking fast from my dorm to class is a painful experience.I`d appreciate if anyone could help me figure out whats wrong with my legs.


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It sounds to me like you are getting cramps in your calf muscle - this pain can be very excruciating and the only way to get rid of it is to make sure that you always drink enough water because dehydration can often cause leg cramps to happen and also, maybe more importantly, before you start doing any of these physical activities you obviously will need to do some stretching and special exercises that are unusually all that can be done to prevent this type of muscle pain.